Welcome to uncoon!

uncoon is abbreviation of "uncoon: communication online".
It is online communications site including elements such as the bulletin board, the blog, the chats, and SNS.

Please enjoy it!

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Mobile phone

uncoon mobile

The site for mobile phone opened temporarily.

The device of the Cookie uncorrespondence and the terminal of the UTF-8 uncorrespondence cannot inspect the point now.

Guest account

Guest account was prepared and try by all means, please though there is actually a limitation in the function that can be used to taste atmosphere before the user is registered.

Log in can be done by inputting to both user ID and the password as "guest".


It manages it with home server.

Please various maintenance cannot be done if it is not from home, and things except restore, the bug correction when you down it, the action on the manager side, and wait patiently.

When the trouble etc. occur, I think that I say something with Twitter.